Despite its participation in blood bank services since 1960, the state branch in Bangalore had no Blood Storage Centre of its own. A few authorized entities were supplying blood against huge demand. Due to this reason the consumers were facing the risk of receiving blood from unsafe sources. Realizing this harsh reality the society started its own well equipped blood bank in the year 1991. During 2016 Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank is celebrating the silver jubilee. During the last 25 years the blood bank has grown fully, equipped with modern technological devices in place. The society has sophisticated lab of blood test, state of the Art blood storage devices and motivated volunteers who are identifying and sourcing the prospective blood donors.

Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank has already installed Apheresis – SDP facility at a affordable fees which is lowest in the state. Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank has received good response from the general public.

World Blood Donors Day was celebrated. On the occasion individual donors who have donated blood more than 25 occasions were identified and honored to motivate more and more individuals to donate blood.

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day to encourage the donors and organizers National Blood Donation day is being celebrated and organizers as well as donors were honored to encourage more and more blood donation.

SDP: Single Donor Platelet facility was made available at Karnataka Red Cross Blood Bank at lowest processing fee for the benefit of Bangaloreians.

The Karnataka Branch of Indian Red Cross society is fully engaged in creating an awareness of the importance of blood donation. Blood is being collected from educational institutions, industries, corporate offices and from the individuals who voluntarily donate blood. The blood so collected is invariably subjected to test. For this purpose the blood bank has already installed VITROS 3600 machine which ranks top in the modern context. This machine has the capacity to give precise account of the blood test. This machine testifies, whether the blood is free from Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Bacteria etc., Only after subjecting the blood for total examination through this process, blood is being issued to the needy, duly adhering to the guidelines of Drug Controller, Karnataka. Sri Manjunath Reddy, the then Mayor of Bengaluru had inaugurated the newly installed VITROS 3600 during October 2015.

Karnataka Red Cross State Branch has 9 blood banks and supplies blood to more than 25 blood storage units throughout the state. The society operates Blood Mobile Bus which is donated by Government of Karnataka. This vehicle has state of the Art facilities to collect blood from the donors. The blood bank unit is committed to serve on all 24 hours of a day. June 14th is being observed as World Donors Day and October 1st is being celebrated as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. On these occasions the institutions which are donating higher volume of blood and volunteers who donate blood on more than 25 times are being honoured by the society.