Corona Warior

The Indian Red Cross Society, District and Taluka Branches in Karnataka State, played an important role in the Corona Warior program, which was initiated by the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) and the Karnataka State Labor Institute, Karnataka Government. Volunteers across the state have registered and continued to work with us to kill fake news and create awareness among empowering communities with the right information.

Do you want to be a Corona Warrior?

Leadership at the times of Corona – How do I volunteer?

The Corona onslaught is something we never imagined. It’s a war which is fought both inside and outside our homes. No one seems to be safe. We can’t keep quiet. We need to fight. We need leaders to fight this war!

How do we fight this war? You want to be a leader?

You can join hand with the govt and be a part of the team. The Dept of Information and Publicity (DIPR) has joined hands with The Indian Red Cross, Karnataka and Karnataka State Labour Institute in providing a platform to the volunteers to serve the community, the state and our motherland.

As a volunteer leader, you can play either of the two roles, static or dynamic or both.


You can be at your home and work with us thru the internet. You will part of our front end on the digital media, in the Telegram group or YouTube and moderate them. You can be an admin managing the groups or answer the queries asked if you are a doctor or an expert.

But the field role is more interesting.


Here, you are expected to be mobile. You will be the eyes, ears and limbs of the Indian Red Cross, DIPR and KSLI! You will move around and look for anything that is important enough to be conveyed to the govt.

You will also visit certain places to verify the news coming from there, to see if it’s genuine or fake. Because, many times, it’s a rumour and it spreads as nobody can verify it! In this place, you act as a citizen reporter or a govt official and tell us what exactly happened with evidence like a photograph (taken in your mobile) or video, interview etc.

In fact, there will be much more interesting work like making a survey and reporting. What you are doing will be documented and KSLI will do a detailed study on that, with credits to you!

This role is purely voluntary and may extend for 3 months period at the maximum. During the time, we will provide you with full safety kit like masks, sanitizers etc. You will also get the free medical facility at the ESI hospitals of the Labour dept if required.

What are you waiting for?!

Please register:

You will be issued an ID card, a kit and a backpack to help you in your work! You will also ger an appreciation certificate! If you do exemplary work, you will get a reward from the govt. At the same time, be aware of the risks involved in outdoor work. This is exactly the govt officers expose themselves! So, do you have it in you?

Leaders are born, not during normal times, but during the crisis. Think and take a call. Awaken the leader in you! Welcome into the brave new world!